Stencila for Google Docs enables you to execute and embed reproducible figures inside Google Docs.


You will be presented with several dialogue windows asking permission for us to work with your documents in Google Drive.

Outlined below are the permissions we ask for, and the explanations for why they are needed:

Stencila for Google Docs Permissions request



View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

Allows the add-on to work with files used in your Stencila projects

View and manage your Google Docs documents

Allows the add-on to work with new documents

See, edit, create, and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive

We have a beta version of the add-on for Google Sheets

Connect to an external service

Necessary for authenticating with Stencila, loading project details, and evaluating code elements

Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications

Necessary for displaying the add-on interface and the code editor

Opening the add-on

Once installed, you can find the add-on in the Add-ons menu bar.

Open Add-on


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