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Upgrade the Stencila CLI


This demo shows you how to upgrade the Stencila CLI to the latest version, or a specific version, and which configuration settings to adjust for automatic upgrades.



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Manual upgrades#

When you run the upgrade command, stencila will check to see if there is newer version available, and download it if there is. Use --verbose to get more information and --confirm to prevent an automatic upgrade.

stencila upgrade ---verbose

Instead of upgrading to the latest version, you can upgrade to a specific version, or downgrade to a previous version.

stencila upgrade --to 0.56.0

Add the --plugins option to also check for new versions of installed plugins.

stencila upgrade --plugins

Automatic upgrades#

Stencila can be configured to do automatic upgrades. Each time the stencila CLI tool is run it will check for a newer version (if it has not already checked within a configured duration, by default, one day). If a newer version is available, by default, you will be asked to confirm the upgrade.

See your current settings using,

stencila config get upgrade

To turn off automatic upgrades,

stencila config set off

To make them less frequent e.g. one week

stencila config set '1 week'

To allow upgrades to happen without your confirmation,

stencila config set upgrade.confirm false

To not upgrade plugins as well,

stencila config set upgrade.plugins false

To reset upgrade settings to defaults,

stencila config reset upgrade
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