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The most simple compound (ie. non-atomic like `number`, `string` etc) type.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
typeschema:type'Entity', 'ArrayValidator', 'Article', 'AudioObject', 'BooleanValidator', 'Brand', 'CitationIntentEnumeration', 'Cite', 'CiteGroup', 'Claim', 'Code', 'CodeBlock', 'CodeChunk', 'CodeError', 'CodeExpression', 'CodeFragment', 'Collection', 'Comment', 'ConstantValidator', 'ContactPoint', 'CreativeWork', 'Datatable', 'DatatableColumn', 'Date', 'DefinedTerm', 'Delete', 'Emphasis', 'EnumValidator', 'Enumeration', 'Figure', 'Function', 'Grant', 'Heading', 'ImageObject', 'Include', 'IntegerValidator', 'Link', 'List', 'ListItem', 'Mark', 'Math', 'MathBlock', 'MathFragment', 'MediaObject', 'MonetaryGrant', 'NontextualAnnotation', 'Note', 'NumberValidator', 'Organization', 'Paragraph', 'Parameter', 'Periodical', 'Person', 'PostalAddress', 'Product', 'PropertyValue', 'PublicationIssue', 'PublicationVolume', 'Quote', 'QuoteBlock', 'Review', 'SoftwareApplication', 'SoftwareEnvironment', 'SoftwareSession', 'SoftwareSourceCode', 'StringValidator', 'Strong', 'Subscript', 'Superscript', 'Table', 'TableCell', 'TableRow', 'ThematicBreak', 'Thing', 'TupleValidator', 'Validator', 'Variable', 'VideoObject', 'VolumeMount'The name of the type.Entity
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity



  1. This type exists mainly to have a more simple base class than's Thing. This schema includes special properties that are analagours to JSON-LDs @type and @id, as well as a meta property that can be used by applications for ad-hoc extensions.
  2. Available as JSON-LD.
  3. Available as JSON Schema.
  4. This documentation was generated from Entity.schema.yaml.