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A reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another CreativeWork.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
targetstencila:targetstringThe target of the citation (URL or reference ID).Cite
typeschema:type'Cite'The name of the type.Entity
citationIntentstencila:citationIntentArray of CitationIntentEnumerationThe type/s of the citation, both factually and rhetorically.Cite
citationModestencila:citationMode'Parenthetical', 'Narrative', 'NarrativeAuthor', 'NarrativeYear', 'normal', 'suppressAuthor'Determines how the citation is shown within the surrounding text. See note 3.Cite
citationPrefixstencila:citationPrefixstringText to show before the citation. See note 2.Cite
citationSuffixstencila:citationSuffixstringText to show after the citation. See note 1.Cite
contentstencila:contentArray of InlineContentOptional structured content/text of this citation.Cite
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity
pageEndschema:pageEndinteger or stringThe page on which the work ends; for example "138" or "xvi".Cite
pageStartschema:pageStartinteger or stringThe page on which the work starts; for example "135" or "xiii".Cite
paginationschema:paginationstringAny description of pages that is not separated into pageStart and pageEnd; for example, "1-6, 9, 55".Cite


  • Parent: Entity
  • Descendants: None


  1. citationSuffix : See comment on citationPrefix regarding naming.
  2. citationPrefix : Previously this was name prefix but for consistency with citationMode and honorificPrefix, to avoid ambiguity with other prefixes was renamed to citationPrefix.
  3. citationMode : There are two main citation modes: parenthetical and narrative (a.k.a textual). See for an explanation.
  4. Available as JSON-LD.
  5. Available as JSON Schema.
  6. This documentation was generated from Cite.schema.yaml.