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Create an organization

You can use your existing personal Stencila account to work on projects or you can choose to set up an organization and work within it. The advance of creating an organization is so that a collection of user accounts can be associated with it and work collaboratively on projects.

Public projects that belong to an organization are accessible to users in other organizations, while private projects are inaccessible to anyone but members of the organization.

Whoever sets up your organization will automatically become the owner. They can then add other Stencila users and assign them a role. Organizations can have one or more owners, who have administrative privileges for the organization.

Member: can create, update and delete projects.

Manager: as for member and can create, update and delete teams.

Owner: as for manager and can also add and remove users and change their role.

Set up an organization#

Search for your organization name to double check it has not already been set up before you add a new one.

Enter the organization name which you want to be used in URL's. e.g

Edit your profile#

You can customize your profile so that other users get a better sense of who you are and what you do. It also helps make your page look awesome ✨

Change your profile picture#

Your profile picture helps identify you across Stencila 😺

Choose your theme#

We want your published articles to look beautiful, branded and pleasant to read ⭐

It's pretty exciting to be able to choose a theme and save yourself time deciding how your article will look. We have a range of design themes to choose from and you can preview them all at

Once chosen, you are still able to make edits and changes to the theme if you want to. You can also choose another theme at an time.

Through settings scroll down to Content and click Theme to select your template and Upload.

If you choose to leave this section untouched the default style theme assigned to your projects with be the Stencila theme.

Now it's time to invite others to your organizationand work collaboratively on projects.

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