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Manage organization users

The advance of creating an organization is so that a collection of user accounts can be associated with it and work collaboratively on projects.

User roles#

There are three different user roles to choose from:

Member: can create, update and delete projects.

Manager: as for member and can create, update and delete teams.

Owner: as for manager and can also add and remove users and change their role.

Add a user#

If you know someone is already a user of Stencila you can easily search and add them to your organization and assign then a role.

Click Users under your organization image.

Type their username, or full name, into the search bar.

Invite a user#

If the person you want to add to your organization is not already a Stencila user you can invite them to join with this URL

Change roles#

You can change the role of a user at any time.

Remove a user#

Delete a user from your organisation by selecting the eclipse button at the end of their name and remove from account.

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