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Collaborate on a project

As soon as you have created a project you can invite others to work collaboratively with you on it.

Click sharing on the left hand side bar.

Type the name of the person you wish to share your project with. If they are already a Stencila user their name will appear below the search field. Select them.

You can assign then a role as either an author, manager or owner before you add them.

Author: can create and update.

Manager: as for author and can create, update and delete teams.

Owner: as for manager and can also add and remove users and change their role.

If the person you wish to share your project with doesn't come up in the search you can click invite them and send a personalized email. When they sign up they will automatically be assigned to the roll you selected for them.

Remove a user from a project#

To remove someone from your project simply click at the end of their name and hit the remove button.

What next#

You're set up 👏 and ready to upload files, link data sources and much more ⚡

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