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Manage project sources

Once you've created a project and updated your settings to choose your theme you are ready to start working.

Within your project click New and choose from the drop down menu.

Upload a file or folder#

You can upload a file directly from your computer to your Stencila project to use within the project's executable documents. The files are managed on Stencila servers and do not need to be pulled. You can upload a folder with multiple files in the same way.

Link a source#

In addition to uploading files to a project, you can link sources to your project that are hosted elsewhere.

These sources remain on the external service, but a versioned copy is downloaded (pulled) and stored with your project to maintain reproducibility. When you start a compute session to run your project, we will mount the pulled files into the session.

You can go to the sources tab of your project at any time in the future to update the local copies of your source files by pulling them.

Once linked you can perform various tasks.

Convert to...#

You can convert your file to many different formats via the drop down menu ⚡

Once converted to your chosen format you can perform other tasks. For example you might wish to download a file to enrich it and then upload it.

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