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Project settings

We recommend taking a few moments to go through your settings as they affect how content is served for your project.

Begin by choosing your project and select Settings.


You can change your project name or title at any time. The name is important as it will be used in your unique project specific URL.

Adding a short description will help viewers get a quick overview of your project.


One of the unique features of Stencila is the ability to publish articles which can look beautiful, branded and pleasant to read 💥

If you choose to leave this section untouched the default style theme assigned to your project with be the Stencila theme. We highly recommend exploring the full range of design themes at to find the one you like best.

You can change the theme of your project at any time and create a new snapshot version to view.


By default your project uses the latest snapshot to serve the content for this project from. You can change this.


Overtime you may end up with many snapshots within one project and you might not want the public profile of the project to keep changing. You have the ability to pin the project to a specific snapshot.

Commit your changes#

If you make any updates or changes don't forget to commit them.

Delete the project#

You can delete your project at any time by entering the project name.

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