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Publish a project

This guide presumes you have already:

Select your main file#

  • Search and select the project you want to publish from before selecting Files.

  • The file you wish to publish must be the main file. If you named a file Read Me or Main it will automatically be selected, otherwise, you can manually do this. Click Main file from the action menu of your chosen file.

The main file is effectively the home page for your project. Looking ahead, when someone visits your project, you want them to view this document.

Create a snapshot#

You've selected your main file and are ready to take a snapshot.

A snapshot takes a copy of all the files within your project at that particular time. It's effectively creating a saved version. When you take a snapshot it converts your main file to a HTML with a dedicated domain on the Stencila hub ie. youraccountname/ Overtime you may end up taking several snapshots and they will be numbered sequentially.

Congratulations 👏 you’ve just converted your source to an editable manuscript and can preview your document straight away 🤖

Notice a project specific URL has been created which you can Share. You can also Download the document to your computer or Open the document where you can find and replace any static figures in the article with Code Chunks before submitting for publishing.

Project settings#

Review your Project Settings to learn how content is served for this project. Chosen your favorite project theme; a special feature of Stencila. You may also wish to pin a selected snapshot.

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