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GitHub Sources

You can link a GitHub repository to your project as a source (both public and private). This allows you to take full advantage of all of GitHub's great source code management, version control and collaboration and to easily pull this information into your Stencila project.

Before you start#

Before you start make sure your GitHub account is connected to your Stencila account. Check via this link.

Create a GitHub source#

To add a GitHub repository as a project source:

  • Go to the project Sources page

  • Press the New button and select GitHub

  • Enter the repository name and subpath directly

  • Or the URL

  • Add the Path that you want to link it to within the project (what you want to name your source)

Your Github repository is automatically pulled into your project and stores in your project's working directory.

Refresh your repo#

At any time in the future you can go back and pull in a new version of your repo.

To do this simply click the Source tab from the side bar, click to view the pop up at the end of Github source and Pull.

Next steps#

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