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Block Content

Union type for valid block content.


schema:ClaimClaimA claim represents specific reviewable facts or statements.
stencila:CodeBlockCodeBlockA code block.
stencila:CodeChunkCodeChunkA executable chunk of code.
schema:CollectionCollectionA collection of CreativeWorks or other artifacts.
stencila:FigureFigureEncapsulates one or more images, videos, tables, etc, and provides captions and labels for them.
stencila:HeadingHeadingA heading.
stencila:IncludeIncludeInclude content from an external source (e.g. file, URL).
schema:ItemListListA list of items.
stencila:MathBlockMathBlockA block of math, e.g an equation, to be treated as block content.
stencila:QuoteBlockQuoteBlockA section quoted from somewhere else.

schema:Table | Table | A table. stencila:ThematicBreak | ThematicBreak | A thematic break, such as a scene change in a story, a transition to another topic, or a new document.

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