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Encapsulates one or more images, videos, tables, etc, and provides captions and labels for them.

This schema type is marked as unstable ⚠️ and is subject to change.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
aboutschema:aboutArray of ThingTypesThe subject matter of the content. See note 1.CreativeWork
alternateNamesschema:alternateNameArray of stringAlternate names (aliases) for the item.Thing
authorsschema:authorParser 'scsi' and Array of (Person or Organization)The authors of this creative work.CreativeWork
captionschema:captionArray of BlockContent or stringA caption for the figure. See note 2.Figure
commentsschema:commentArray of CommentComments about this creative work.CreativeWork
contentstencila:contentArray of Node or stringThe structured content of this creative work c.f. property text.CreativeWork
dateAcceptedstencila:dateAcceptedDateDate/time of acceptance. See note 3.CreativeWork
dateCreatedschema:dateCreatedDateDate/time of creation.CreativeWork
dateModifiedschema:dateModifiedDateDate/time of most recent modification.CreativeWork
datePublishedschema:datePublishedDateDate of first publication.CreativeWork
dateReceivedschema:dateReceivedDateDate/time that work was received.CreativeWork
descriptionschema:descriptionArray of BlockContent or Array of InlineContent or stringA description of the item. See note 4.Thing
editorsschema:editorArray of PersonPeople who edited the CreativeWork.CreativeWork
fundedBystencila:fundedByArray of (Grant or MonetaryGrant)Grants that funded the CreativeWork; reverse of fundedItems. See note 5.CreativeWork
fundersschema:funderArray of (Person or Organization)People or organizations that funded the CreativeWork.CreativeWork
genreschema:genreParser 'csi' and Array of stringGenre of the creative work, broadcast channel or group.CreativeWork
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
identifiersschema:identifierArray of (PropertyValue or string)Any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing. See note 6.Thing
imagesschema:imageArray of (ImageObject or Format 'uri')Images of the item.Thing
isPartOfschema:isPartOfCreativeWorkTypesAn item or other CreativeWork that this CreativeWork is a part of.CreativeWork
keywordsschema:keywordsParser 'csi' and Array of stringKeywords or tags used to describe this content. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas.CreativeWork
labelstencila:labelstringA short label for the figure.Figure
licensesschema:licenseArray of (CreativeWorkTypes or Format 'uri')License documents that applies to this content, typically indicated by URL.CreativeWork
maintainersschema:maintainerArray of (Person or Organization)The people or organizations who maintain this CreativeWork. See note 7.CreativeWork
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity
nameschema:namestringThe name of the item.Thing
partsschema:hasPartsArray of CreativeWorkTypesElements of the collection which can be a variety of different elements, such as Articles, Datatables, Tables and more.CreativeWork
publisherschema:publisherPerson or OrganizationA publisher of the CreativeWork.CreativeWork
referencesschema:citationArray of (CreativeWorkTypes or string)References to other creative works, such as another publication, web page, scholarly article, etc.CreativeWork
textschema:textstringThe textual content of this creative work.CreativeWork
titleschema:headlineArray of InlineContent or stringThe title of the creative work. See note 8.CreativeWork
urlschema:urlFormat 'uri'The URL of the item.Thing
versionschema:versionstring or numberThe version of the creative work. See note 9.CreativeWork


  1. about : Consistent with, this property allows for linking to one of more Thing nodes. This could for example include a Person (e.g for a bibliography) or a DefinedTerm (e.g. for subject areas the creative work relates to).
  2. caption : An array of nodes or, to be compatible with, a string.
  3. dateAccepted : This is not yet a property but the term is used in Dublin Core.
  4. description : Allows for the description to be an array of nodes (e.g. an array of inline content, or a couple of paragraphs), or a string. The minItems restriction avoids a string being coerced into an array with a single string item.
  5. fundedBy : This follows the proposal here for a property that is the reverse of fundedItems. It is an any because a CreativeWork may have been funded through more than one Grant.
  6. identifiers : Some identifiers have specific properties e.g the issn property for the Periodical type. These should be used in preference to this property which is intended for identifiers that do not yet have a specific property. Identifiers can be represented as strings, but using a PropertyValue will usually be better because it allows for propertyID (i.e. the type of identifier).
  7. maintainers : A maintainer of a Dataset, SoftwareApplication, or other CreativeWork. A maintainer is a Person or Organization that manages contributions to, and/or publication of, some (typically complex) artifact. It is common for distributions of software and data to be based on "upstream" sources. When maintainer is applied to a specific version of something e.g. a particular version or packaging of a Dataset, it is always possible that the upstream source has a different maintainer. The isBasedOn property can be used to indicate such relationships between datasets to make the different maintenance roles clear. Similarly in the case of software, a package may have dedicated maintainers working on integration into software distributions such as Ubuntu, as well as upstream maintainers of the underlying work.
  8. title : Allows for the title to include inline content (e.g Strong, Math) or a string. The title can not be block content e.g Paragraph. The minItems restriction avoids a string being coerced into an array with a single string item.
  9. version : In this case string is listed as an alternative before number to avoid semantic version numbers e.g. 1.0 being parsed, and subsequently encoded, as 1 thereby resulting in loss of information.

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