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Include content from an external source (e.g. file, URL).

This schema type is marked as unstable ⚠️ and is subject to change.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
sourcestencila:sourcestringThe external source of the content, a file path or URL.Include
buildDigeststencila:buildDigeststringThe SHA-256 digest of the source and mediaType properties the last time the node was built. See note 1.Include
contentstencila:contentArray of BlockContentThe structured content decoded from the source. See note 2.Include
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
mediaTypeschema:encodingFormatstringMedia type of the source content. See note 3.Include
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity


  1. buildDigest : Used to determine whether it is necessary to re-build the node (i.e. update the content property due to new content in the source or a change in the mediaType).
  2. content : Assumes that included content will be block content i.e. that there will be limited instances where a user would want to use an Include node to transclude inline content.
  3. mediaType : Typically expressed using a file name extensions (e.g. md) or a MIME type (e.g. text/md).
  • Parent: Entity
  • Descendants: None

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