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Inline Content

Union type for valid inline content.

The order of these types is important because it determines the order of attempted coercion (this is particularly important for primitive types).


schema:AudioObjectAudioObjectAn audio file
stencila:CiteCiteA reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another CreativeWork.
stencila:CiteGroupCiteGroupA group of Cite nodes.
stencila:CodeExpressionCodeExpressionAn executable programming code expression.
stencila:CodeFragmentCodeFragmentInline code.
stencila:DeleteDeleteContent that is marked for deletion
stencila:EmphasisEmphasisEmphasised content.
schema:ImageObjectImageObjectAn image file.
stencila:LinkLinkA hyperlink to other pages, sections within the same document, resources, or any URL.
stencila:MathFragmentMathFragmentA fragment of math, e.g a variable name, to be treated as inline content.
stencila:NontextualAnnotationNontextualAnnotationInline text that has a non-textual annotation.
stencila:NoteNoteAdditional content which is not part of the main content of a document.
stencila:ParameterParameterA parameter of a document or function.
stencila:QuoteQuoteInline, quoted content.
stencila:StrongStrongStrongly emphasised content.
stencila:SubscriptSubscriptSubscripted content.
stencila:SuperscriptSuperscriptSuperscripted content.
schema:VideoObjectVideoObjectA video file.
stencila:NullNullThe null value
schema:BooleanBooleanA value that is either true or false
schema:IntegerIntegerA value that is a integer
schema:NumberNumberA value that is a number
schema:TextStringA value comprised of a string of characters

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