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A hyperlink to other pages, sections within the same document, resources, or any URL.

Analogues of Link in other schema include: - HTML <a> - JATS XML <ext-link> - MDAST Link - OpenDocument <text:a> - Pandoc Link

This schema type is marked as unstable โš ๏ธ and is subject to change.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
contentstencila:contentArray of InlineContentThe textual content of the link.Link
targetstencila:targetFormat 'uri-reference'The target of the link.Link
exportFromstencila:exportFromstringA compilation directive giving the name of the variable to export to the link target.Link
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
importTostencila:importTostringA compilation directive giving the name of the variable to import the link target as.Link
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity
relationschema:linkRelationshipstringThe relation between the target and the current thing.Link
titleschema:headlinestringA title for the link. See note 1.Link


  1. title : This property is analogous to the HTML title global attribute which represents "advisory information related to the element"


"type": "Link",
"content": [
"Stencilaโ€™s website"
"target": ""
  • Parent: Entity
  • Descendants: None

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