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Union type for all schema nodes, including primitives and entities

!array('The entity types in this union are automatically inserted during the build. The order of these types is important because it determines the order of attempted coercion (ie. parsing and reshaping to arrays). Array should come last to avoid single items (e.g. a single string) being coerced into an array.')

This schema type is marked as unstable ⚠️ and is subject to change.


stencila:ArrayValidatorArrayValidatorA validator specifying constraints on an array node.
schema:ArticleArticleAn article, including news and scholarly articles.
schema:AudioObjectAudioObjectAn audio file
stencila:BooleanValidatorBooleanValidatorA schema specifying that a node must be a boolean value.
schema:BrandBrandA brand used by an organization or person for labeling a product, product group, or similar.
stencila:CitationIntentEnumerationCitationIntentEnumerationThe type or nature of a citation, both factually and rhetorically.
stencila:CiteCiteA reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another CreativeWork.
stencila:CiteGroupCiteGroupA group of Cite nodes.
schema:ClaimClaimA claim represents specific reviewable facts or statements.
stencila:CodeCodeBase type for code nodes e.g. CodeBlock, CodeExpression.
stencila:CodeBlockCodeBlockA code block.
stencila:CodeChunkCodeChunkA executable chunk of code.
stencila:CodeErrorCodeErrorAn error that occurred when parsing, compiling or executing a Code node.
stencila:CodeExpressionCodeExpressionAn expression defined in programming language source code.
stencila:CodeFragmentCodeFragmentInline code.
schema:CollectionCollectionA collection of CreativeWorks or other artifacts.
schema:CommentCommentA comment on an item, e.g on a Article, or SoftwareSourceCode.
stencila:ConstantValidatorConstantValidatorA validator specifying a constant value that a node must have.
schema:ContactPointContactPointA contact point, usually within an organization.
schema:CreativeWorkCreativeWorkA creative work, including books, movies, photographs, software programs, etc.
stencila:DatatableDatatableA table of data.
stencila:DatatableColumnDatatableColumnA column of data within a Datatable.
schema:DateDateA date encoded as a ISO 8601 string.
schema:DefinedTermDefinedTermA word, name, acronym, phrase, etc. with a formal definition.
stencila:DeleteDeleteContent that is marked for deletion
stencila:EmphasisEmphasisEmphasised content.
stencila:EnumValidatorEnumValidatorA schema specifying that a node must be one of several values.
schema:EnumerationEnumerationLists or enumerations, for example, a list of cuisines or music genres, etc.
stencila:FigureFigureEncapsulates one or more images, videos, tables, etc, and provides captions and labels for them.
stencila:FunctionFunctionA function with a name, which might take Parameters and return a value of a certain type.
schema:GrantGrantA grant, typically financial or otherwise quantifiable, of resources.
stencila:HeadingHeadingA heading.
schema:ImageObjectImageObjectAn image file.
stencila:IncludeIncludeA directive to include content from an external source (e.g. file, URL) or content.
stencila:IntegerValidatorIntegerValidatorA validator specifying the constraints on an integer node.
stencila:LinkLinkA hyperlink to other pages, sections within the same document, resources, or any URL.
schema:ItemListListA list of items.
schema:ListItemListItemA single item in a list.
stencila:MarkMarkA base class for nodes that mark some other inline content in some way (e.g. as being emphasised, or quoted).
stencila:MathMathA mathematical variable or equation.
stencila:MathBlockMathBlockA block of math, e.g an equation, to be treated as block content.
stencila:MathFragmentMathFragmentA fragment of math, e.g a variable name, to be treated as inline content.
schema:MediaObjectMediaObjectA media object, such as an image, video, or audio object embedded in a web page or a downloadable dataset.
schema:MonetaryGrantMonetaryGrantA monetary grant.
stencila:NontextualAnnotationNontextualAnnotationInline text that has a non-textual annotation.
stencila:NoteNoteAdditional content which is not part of the main content of a document.
stencila:NumberValidatorNumberValidatorA validator specifying the constraints on a numeric node.
schema:OrganizationOrganizationAn organization such as a school, NGO, corporation, club, etc.
stencila:ParameterParameterA parameter that can be set and used in evaluated code.
schema:PeriodicalPeriodicalA periodical publication.
schema:PersonPersonA person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).
schema:PostalAddressPostalAddressA physical mailing address.
schema:ProductProductAny offered product or service. For example, a pair of shoes; a haircut; or an episode of a TV show streamed online.
schema:PropertyValuePropertyValueA property-value pair.
schema:PublicationIssuePublicationIssueA part of a successively published publication such as a periodical or publication volume, often numbered.
schema:PublicationVolumePublicationVolumeA part of a successively published publication such as a periodical or multi-volume work.
stencila:QuoteQuoteInline, quoted content.
stencila:QuoteBlockQuoteBlockA section quoted from somewhere else.
schema:ReviewReviewA review of an item, e.g of an Article, or SoftwareSourceCode.
schema:SoftwareApplicationSoftwareApplicationA software application.
stencila:SoftwareEnvironmentSoftwareEnvironmentA computational environment.
stencila:SoftwareSessionSoftwareSessionDefinition of a compute session, including its software and compute resource requirements and status.
schema:SoftwareSourceCodeSoftwareSourceCodeComputer programming source code. Example: Full (compile ready) solutions, code snippet samples, scripts, templates.
stencila:StringValidatorStringValidatorA schema specifying constraints on a string node.
stencila:StrongStrongStrongly emphasised content.
stencila:SubscriptSubscriptSubscripted content.
stencila:SuperscriptSuperscriptSuperscripted content.
schema:TableTableA table.
stencila:TableCellTableCellA cell within a `Table`.
stencila:TableRowTableRowA row within a Table.
stencila:ThematicBreakThematicBreakA thematic break, such as a scene change in a story, a transition to another topic, or a new document.
schema:ThingThingThe most generic type of item.
stencila:TupleValidatorTupleValidatorA validator specifying constraints on an array of heterogeneous items.
stencila:ValidatorValidatorA base for all validator types.
stencila:VariableVariableA variable representing a name / value pair.
schema:VideoObjectVideoObjectA video file.
stencila:VolumeMountVolumeMountDescribes a volume mount from a host to container.

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