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A person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).

This type is an implementation of schema:Person.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
addressschema:addressPostalAddress or stringPostal address for the person.Person
affiliationsschema:affiliationArray of OrganizationOrganizations that the person is affiliated with.Person
alternateNamesschema:alternateNameArray of stringAlternate names (aliases) for the item.Thing
descriptionschema:descriptionArray of BlockContent or Array of InlineContent or stringA description of the item. See note 1.Thing
emailsschema:emailArray of Format 'email'Email addresses for the person.Person
familyNamesschema:familyNameParser 'ssi' and Array of stringFamily name. In the U.S., the last name of a person. See note 2.Person
fundersschema:funderArray of (Organization or Person)A person or organization that supports (sponsors) something through some kind of financial contribution.Person
givenNamesschema:givenNameParser 'ssi' and Array of stringGiven name. In the U.S., the first name of a person. See note 3.Person
honorificPrefixschema:honorificPrefixstringAn honorific prefix preceding a person's name such as Dr/Mrs/Mr.Person
honorificSuffixschema:honorificSuffixstringAn honorific suffix after a person's name such as MD/PhD/MSCSW.Person
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
identifiersschema:identifierArray of (PropertyValue or string)Any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing. See note 4.Thing
imagesschema:imageArray of (ImageObject or Format 'uri')Images of the item.Thing
jobTitleschema:jobTitlestringThe job title of the person (for example, Financial Manager).Person
memberOfschema:memberOfArray of OrganizationAn organization (or program membership) to which this person belongs.Person
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity
nameschema:namestringThe name of the item.Thing
telephoneNumbersschema:telephoneArray of stringTelephone numbers for the person.Person
urlschema:urlFormat 'uri'The URL of the item.Thing


  1. description : Allows for the description to be an array of nodes (e.g. an array of inline content, or a couple of paragraphs), or a string. The minItems restriction avoids a string being coerced into an array with a single string item.
  2. familyNames : This can be used along with givenName instead of the name property.
  3. givenNames : This can be used along with familyName instead of the name property.
  4. identifiers : Some identifiers have specific properties e.g the issn property for the Periodical type. These should be used in preference to this property which is intended for identifiers that do not yet have a specific property. Identifiers can be represented as strings, but using a PropertyValue will usually be better because it allows for propertyID (i.e. the type of identifier).


"type": "Person",
"honorificPrefix": "Dr",
"givenNames": [
"familyNames": [
"honorificSuffix": "PhD"
  • Parent: Thing
  • Descendants: None

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