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Software Session

Definition of a compute session, including its software and compute resource requirements and status.

Usually used to define the environment that is required to execute an executable document. This is "inspired" by the OCI Runtime Config Schema There are a number of properties that did not seem relevant to our use as well as some references that did not seem to be required. We try to stay consistent with the naming used but have dereferenced and combined the config schema and Linux Schema to use the cpu and memory limits.

This schema type is marked as experimental ๐Ÿงช and is subject to change.


Name@idTypeDescriptionInherited from
alternateNamesschema:alternateNameArray of stringAlternate names (aliases) for the item.Thing
clientsLimitstencila:clientsLimitnumberThe maximum number of concurrent clients the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
clientsRequeststencila:clientsRequestnumberThe maximum number of concurrent clients requested for the session.SoftwareSession
cpuLimitstencila:cpuLimitnumberThe amount of CPU the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
cpuRequeststencila:cpuRequestnumberThe amount of CPU requested for the session.SoftwareSession
dateEndschema:endDateDateThe date-time that the session ended.SoftwareSession
dateStartschema:startDateDateThe date-time that the session began.SoftwareSession
descriptionschema:descriptionArray of BlockContent or Array of InlineContent or stringA description of the item. See note 1.Thing
durationLimitstencila:durationLimitnumberThe maximum duration (seconds) the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
durationRequeststencila:durationRequestnumberThe maximum duration (seconds) requested for the session.SoftwareSession
environmentstencila:environmentSoftwareEnvironmentThe software environment to execute this session in.SoftwareSession
idschema:idstringThe identifier for this item.Entity
identifiersschema:identifierArray of (PropertyValue or string)Any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing. See note 2.Thing
imagesschema:imageArray of (ImageObject or Format 'uri')Images of the item.Thing
memoryLimitstencila:memoryLimitnumberThe amount of memory that the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
memoryRequeststencila:memoryRequestnumberThe amount of memory requested for the session.SoftwareSession
metastencila:metaobjectMetadata associated with this item.Entity
nameschema:namestringThe name of the item.Thing
networkTransferLimitstencila:networkTransferLimitnumberThe amount of network data transfer (GiB) that the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
networkTransferRequeststencila:networkTransferRequestnumberThe amount of network data transfer (GiB) requested for the session.SoftwareSession
statusstencila:sessionStatus'Unknown', 'Starting', 'Started', 'Stopping', 'Stopped', 'Failed'The status of the session (starting, stopped, etc).SoftwareSession
timeoutLimitstencila:timeoutLimitnumberThe inactivity timeout (seconds) the session is limited to.SoftwareSession
timeoutRequeststencila:timeoutRequestnumberThe inactivity timeout (seconds) requested for the session.SoftwareSession
urlschema:urlFormat 'uri'The URL of the item.Thing
volumeMountsstencila:volumeMountsArray of VolumeMountVolumes to mount in the session.SoftwareSession


  1. description : Allows for the description to be an array of nodes (e.g. an array of inline content, or a couple of paragraphs), or a string. The minItems restriction avoids a string being coerced into an array with a single string item.
  2. identifiers : Some identifiers have specific properties e.g the issn property for the Periodical type. These should be used in preference to this property which is intended for identifiers that do not yet have a specific property. Identifiers can be represented as strings, but using a PropertyValue will usually be better because it allows for propertyID (i.e. the type of identifier).
  • Parent: Thing
  • Descendants: None

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